You have urticaria. The following questions should help us understand your
current health situation. Please read through each question carefully and choose an answer from the five options that best fits your situation. Please limit yourself to the last four weeks.
Please don’t think about the questions for a long time, and do remember to answer all questions and to provide only one answer to each question. 

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Scoring Instructions for the UCT

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This calendar can help you to monitor the course of your urticaria and to find factors/triggers that induce or aggravate your symptoms.

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Episode 19: Urticaria therapy in COVID-19 times

Corona time is a burden to us all. Especially patients suffering from urticaria are now at risk, as they may experience a worsening of the disease due to the increased...

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The Urticaria Association has published a new magazine on the topic of Urticaria & Corona in the Corona Special. Further magazines and topics can be found online at:

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Skin rash combined with head and joint pain: these are the symptoms which patients with familial (hereditary) cold urticaria develop when exposed to temperatures below 15 °C. Researchers from Charité –...

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Helfen Sie uns bei der Erforschung neuer Therapien. Wenn Sie Interesse an einer Teilnahme bzw. an weiterführenden Informationen zu klinischen Studien haben, dann nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf. Wir informieren Sie gerne...

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Hautausschläge, Kopf- und Gelenkschmerzen, sobald die Temperaturen unter 15 Grad sinken: An diesen Symptomen leiden Patientinnen und Patienten mit angeborener Kälte-Urtikaria. Eine Forschungsgruppe der Charité –...

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An der Hautklinik der Charité findet derzeit eine kleine Studie statt, die die Zuverlässigkeit der derzeitigen diagnostischen Möglichkeiten für diese beiden Erkrankungen untersucht.

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