Welcome to the urticaria network!

The urticaria network is a non for profit organisation for helping and supporting urticaria patients and their families. Our pages provide comprehensive information on the forms, causes, and treatment possibilities for urticaria (hives or nettle rash).

Urticaria is a group of frequent skin disorders characterised by wheals and/or swelling of the skin, as well as a high degree of itchiness. You will find more information on the frequency, distribution, symptoms and complications of urticaria undefinedhere. To learn about the different forms of urticaria undefinedclick here. If you you would like to know what kind of urticaria you have please take the undefinedurticaria self test.

We hope that these pages are helpful for you and we welcome your feedback. Have fun and feel free to check in frequently!

PD Dr. med. Petra Staubach (1. chairwoman)
Dr. med. Marina Gorczyza (2. chairwoman)
PD Dr. med. Frank Siebenhaar (treasurer)
Dr. med. Birgit Keßler (secretary)


Urtikaria/Nesselsucht – du bist betroffen und möchtest dich mit anderen Betroffenen austauschen? Melde dich bei uns – gern auch überregional!

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Quaddeln&Co. Unter dem Motto: Was tun, wenn die Haut Kopf steht? Kommuniziert die UNEV nun auch in den sozialen Medien. Erst kürzlich entstand das Informationsportal für entzündliche Hauterkrankungen

in denen es...

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Online-Urtikariawoche des Deutschen Allergie- und Asthmabundes e.V. DAAB

Nesselsucht, Angioödem & Co im Fokus. Vom 1. bis 8.10.2020 werden die Beiträge von hochkarätigen Experten unter www.online-urtikariawoche.de...

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Episode 19: Urticaria therapy in COVID-19 times

Corona time is a burden to us all. Especially patients suffering from urticaria are now at risk, as they may experience a worsening of the disease due to the increased...

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The Urticaria Association has published a new magazine on the topic of Urticaria & Corona in the Corona Special. Further magazines and topics can be found online at: urtikariaverband.eu/magazin/

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Skin rash combined with head and joint pain: these are the symptoms which patients with familial (hereditary) cold urticaria develop when exposed to temperatures below 15 °C. Researchers from Charité –...

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